RFID Blocking with ID SHIELD

As RFID radio transmission technology is becoming increasingly widespread, new risks such as theft of electronic data, identity theft and payment fraud arise.
Passports, credit cards, debit cards, identity cards, key cards, car keys and access control cards in companies are equipped with radio chips (RFID/NFC chips) more and more frequently.
Unauthorized third parties can read out the data stored on them with the aid of an RFID reader from a distance. This process may occur without direct physical contact and may pass unnoticed.

ID SHIELD safeguards from data theft and payment fraud by creating an RFID shield by blocking the electromagnetic energy necessary to power and communicate with contactless smart cards, passports, enhanced drivers licenses (EDLs), TWIC, PIV, CAC and transit cards. This is essential to total security because although most contactless smart card systems implement industry-standard security mechanisms, readers can be modified to access information without authorization.

Certified by TÜV (Germany) the RFID blocking material protects from unauthorized access to the data encoded on RFID/NFC chips.

The general shielding of electromagnetic radio signals is tested in the most frequent RFID frequencies with the aid of appropriate measurement equipment such as frequency generators, spectrum analyzers, network analyzers and specially produced antennas, with respect to parameters such as gain and loss in reflection and transmission:-

  1. 125 kHz
  2. 13,56 MHz
  3. 433 MHz
  4. 868 MHz



  1. Material: ID SHIELD
  2. Thickness: 100 µm
  3. Width: 780 mm
  4. hermetically sealed, waterproof, water-vapor-proof
  5. grease- and gas-proof
  6. Weldable
  7. Washable (no warranty; tests by manufacturer necessary)
  8. Temperature resistant (heat- and cold-resistant)

Data Sheet

A technical data sheet and/or TÜV test document is available on request


RFID chips contain personal data encoded on credit cards, debit cards, identity cards, employee badges, car and bike sharing cards and passports.
As this technology progresses, security and privacy threats also evolve.
ID SHIELD protects you maximally from:-

  1. Data theft and data abuse
  2. Payment fraud
  3. Identity theft and identity fraud
  4. Damage of the RFID chip (RFID transponder) resulting from external influences

How to use?

As an inner layer ID Shield turns small leather goods, handbags, body bags, wallets, purses, envelopes, covers, travel luggage, travel accessories and cases into data safes for personal and biometric data.